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Customised porcelain

The Fradkof-Paris company offers a wide selection of products bearing its signature, constantly revisited and renewed, alongside other items created in limited numbers or for special orders.



Custom made

Personalisation: FRADKOF is able customise tableware with your own initials.

Among the different models offered to you in the “Ma Russie” line, you can choose your initials in pearls with:

• Your colors

• Your contours with coloured rims, in gold or platinum

Special orders

Each custom pieces will be unique and oneof a kind, reflecting the artist’s creativity. It could include your:


  • design
  • colors
  • border in gold, platinum or colors
  • marquee(model name and  signature)

Inlaid gemstones

To satisfy the demands of an exclusive clientele Fradkof has recently developed a technique using.

Real precious stones encrusted in porcelain .

PierresPrecieusesEach piece customized with:

  • Our precious stones
  • Your design
  • Your colors
  • Your borders
  • Your marquee (model name and signature)