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The Fradkof-Paris company

With the FRADKOF brand, our ambition is to provide our clients with exceptional products in terms of quality or refinement.

Our brand is at the forefront of the latest technical achievements in decor design for tableware: plates, dishes, tureens, tea/coffee pots, cups, bowls, tea cups, coffee cups…

The Fradkof-Paris company is a guarantee of quality and authenticity, creating exceptional tableware thanks to Limoges porcelain.

Michelange developed the “relief on colour” technique to give the illusion of gem-

The Fradkof-Paris company aims to offer a wide selection of products bearing its signature, constantly revisited and renewed, alongside items created in limited numbers or for special orders.

What do we offer?

“Know-how” which requires time and precision.

“Elegance” with its refined decor, the purity and the transparency of the porcelain.

“Quality”: each box is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity which includes a few words about the artist and product quality.

” Packaging” made with the utmost attention to even minute details.