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Ma Russie Gemstones

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Ma Russie Pearl

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Les Exquises

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Chasse Gardée

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Envol Capricieux

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Les Fugueuses

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Pêche Interdite

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Cheval Noble

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Special Items

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Grands Fauves

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Ombres Chinoises

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the art of French living

An exceptional brand reviving French “art-de-vivre” through the LUXURY of Limoges porcelain

Our artist Michelange Fradkof gives Fine Dining a new meaning, our very own “relief on colour”, our painstaking decors and our white porcelain of great finesse reflect a true passion for this art

“Know-how”, “elegance” and “quality” are our motto

Our products, characterised by their outstanding quality, are carefully handcrafted by a team of highly experienced professionals

FRADKOF creations are unique and timeless

Our collections illustrate the many variations of French “art-de-vivre”: plates, tea/coffee pots, sugar bowls, creamers, goblets, tea cups, coffee cups, mocha cups, bowls, platters, pickle dishes, tureens, salad bowls, gravy boats, gourmet trays…

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